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We thought our site was pretty good, so we volunteered to be reviewed by some of the best outside, independant review websites out there! We think our scores and their words speak for themselves, and here is what they had to say!

Quality Amateur PaysitesQuality Amatuer Paysites Review:
Score 92 / 100
Review Date: Oct 2010

"Swinger sex, big boobs, and 3-girl blowjobs. They're the principles this country was founded on and there's not a man alive who wouldn't die trying to protect them. Well, maybe not die, but I for one would definitely get the crap beat out of me a few times to defend the right of busty swinger babes everywhere to suck my trousersnake in triplicate. Why, you ask, am I on this noble train of thought? Probably because today I'm checking out all the action over at 4RealSwingers.com. Action that includes (you guessed it) lots of swinger sex, big boobs and the ever popular, yet very elusive, 3-girl blowjob. The "4 real swingers" in question on this site are Anna (a busty sexpot with big blue-green eyes) and Bruce (her husband--I'd compliment him too, but that'd seem gay). They're a mid-west couple who have been sharing their real-life sexual adventures on the Net for a little over 5 years. They've put together quite an impressive archive of pics, videos, and other goodies during that time featuring everything from two-somes, three-somes, four-somes, and more-somes to girl-girl sex and solo stuff of Anna. Let me be honest, I've had a big crush on Anna ever since I first ran across her site years ago. But don't worry, as your professional and dedicated reviewer, slave to the surfer, and all around good guy, I realize it's my humble duty to deliver a totally unbiased and professional review for you, my faithful reader. Remember, we don't play favorites here at QAP. So fear not! Now if you'll pardon me for a moment... ::Mmmmm... Anna... droooool... slobber... boing! yowza! yowza!:: Ok, just had to get that out of my system. Now on with the show!"
Honest Porn Review:
Score 92 / 100
Review Date: August 2010

"4 Real Swingers is an absolutely outstanding amateur and swinging site, and easily one of the very best around. Its longevity is just reward for a gradual improvement in quality over the years and a growing in confidence of its gorgeous leading lady."
Free OnesFreeOnes Review:
Score 93 / 100
Review Date July 2010

"Really excellent site that would be well worth a monthly subscription. They've made the site into a real community where you can get to know Anna and Bruce personally and comment on all of their episodes or join them on the community forum. They've got literally hundreds of photo and video sets and so many bonuses that I couldn't even list them all. This is exactly what a porn paysite" should be like.
Porn InspectorPorn Inspector Review:
Score 90 / 100
Review Date May 2010

"It's a wonderfully fun swinging site where you can meet up with Anna and Bruce, who are a real life swinging couple. Watch Anna get banged by a ton of other guys while Bruce films it all! It's a glimpse into the swinging lifestyle in this amazing site featuring tons of wife-swapping fun!"

Rabbits ReviewsRabbit's Review:
Score 86 / 100
Review Date April 2010

"4 Real Swingers has got to be one of the best swinger sites out there. You'd have a hard time finding one better than this, so you may as well join now and start enjoying the fun. Who knows? Maybe you'll even get to join them some day."


Video ReviewsVideo Porn Rewiews:
Score 85 / 100
Review Date March 2008

"4 Real Swingers is definitely a great choice for "swing-fans". The content is wild, highly entertaining and provided in a great quality (and quantity!). Adding in the included bonus sites means you get an awesome deal for your money (and awesome is a word I don't use often)."

The Best PornThe Best Porn Says:
4RealSwingers is definitely one of the better amateur websites out there, and I dare say it may be the best amateur swinging site available. This site has a lot of personality, you really get to know Anna and Bruce through their adventures and writings and you can't help but get the impression that this horny couple really loves what they do. The pictures look good, the update schedule is very nice, and the bonus features make for a complete package.
Adult Site Surfer

Adult Site Surfer Says:
Their page has been running for years, and a huge amount of swinging content has built up since. There's a lot of hot women on the site too. Sections are XXX Pics, Our Videos, Live Cams, and some Extras. If you're into swinging couples, you will love this site. A massive amount. In some group sex sets, there are 6-7 people participating, all writhing on the same bed! I appreciate that there is some text on the gallery pages too.

ADULT REVIEWSAdult Reviews Says:
I have always been very interested in (hardcore) amateur sites and have seen quite a bunch of them (i.e. I was a member). From this point of view I dare to say the 4 Real Swinger-system (4 Real Swingers and the other ten sites) is the most important amateur-site system on the net and definitely THE point to start for anybody being interested in this kind of sites. Action, quality, originality and amount of stuff are great. These sites are absolutely worth a subscription!
Janes GuideJane's Guide Says:
This is one of those sites that just stands out as a quality place from your first log on. Anna and Bruce are a pair of swingers from the midwest who attend or host lots of parties of like minded folk in all sorts of combinations. Their site is full of hardcore pix from these swing parties, a few samples up front and quite a collection in the member's area. They also have an amateur webcam and streaming video. They have several contests ranging from erotic letter writing to a lucky member who gets an all expense paid party with the hosts! Navigation around the site is clear and easy.
Porn SavyPorn Savy Says:
Anna Miller
is yet another solo model offering from 4 Real Amateurs, which, by the way, is quite getting the reputation for being one of the better amateur sites on the net. They have all these lovely housewife types who couldn't look any more filthy and perverse than your regular hot soccer mom, but who can all suck three black cocks if you wanted them to. Anna Miller is no different from these girls; she's blond, thirty-ish, and has an amazing rack most 18 year olds would starve to death for.

Amateur FinderAmateur Finder Says:
Face it, every guy reading this right now has fantasized about being in a threesome with their wife/girlfriend and another woman, but very few ever experience this first hand. Well Anna and Bruce certainly experience this and a whole lot more!

Anna and Bruce are swingers from the mid-west who really like to show off their lifestyle. Their site is full of wonderful pictures that should keep your fantasy life going for months! Best of all, these are real people who are doing this, not some paid actors/actresses in a porn movie. Want to see just Anna with another girl? They've got it. How about her with 4 other girls? Yep, that's here too. There's photo sets of three girls with one guy, two guys with one girl, three girls one a lake in a boat... well, you get the idea. Photos are good quality, though obviously amateur just like we (and you) like it.

In addition to the photo sets which are updated often (there were five new sets put online in June) they run a webcam with weekly shows. Chat is also available if you would like to chat with them. They have a daily picture page, run contest for their members and even will sell you a pair of panties or a bra if you like (worn of course.) I think you get the idea by now... this is a high quality site with a lot of content, highly recommended.


Subject: MILFY
Thank you so much!! My husband and I have been members of your site now several times over the past 10+ years, and some how you keep getting better looking and hotter with age! You are the hottest MILF on the web today, yesterday and I'm sure tomorrow. Furthermore, somehow you keep adding new girls all of the time, and you don't seem to ever run out of new exciting things to do! I loved it when Bruce fucked you in the woods this summer... WOW That was some hot ass action! Not to mention the orgies you have with all of those hot couples. How in the world do you keep finding them! I've noticed that you two seem to be the leaders when it comes to hot couples on the net. We even hooked up on your site through your message board with another local couple. Thank you for all you do, and for making our swinging experience that much hotter!



Subject: WOW!!
Anna I've been a member of your site on and off now for the past 6 years. You never ceast to amaze me girl!! You have truley come into your own and you look sexier every time I come back!! Not only that but I was blown away by your new network of hotties. It was a bargin to get just your site, but now your network has completly blown me away! Thank you for setting up such a great group of hot swingers!!

Big Hugs!


Subject: Thank you Anna
Anna, I just wanted to write and let you know that I have really enjoyed your site, the beautiful women you have gathered to be part of your wonderful network and most of all for opening my eyes to what porn should be! I can honestly say I'll never join another main stream porn site or one of those fake reality sites again! There is nothing like the experience I've had on your site, getting to know you, as well as several other web girls in your cam system and on your 4Real Amateurs network! I can't say it enough, but thank you!


Subject: Just wanted to say keep up the good work
Dear Anna & Bruce: Hello my name is "John" and my wife is "Jane". We wanted to say thanks for the awesome site that you guy's have created. We look at your site every other day, and it has led to a lot of fun (if you know what I mean). My wife thinks Bruce is a great looking guy, and comments about him often. Our favorite section is the group pictures, it is very exciting to see a bunch of people just having fun. Since we found your site ny wife has become very open about her sexual interest. I have been trying to open her up for years and with your help I think she is about ready to bust wide open. All my friends are lining up to be her first swing partner, and I can't wait. Don't worry Anna my wife recently asked me for three females that I would like to share an afternoon of fun with, and your name was at the top of the list. To my surprise your name was at the top of her list. We'll I wont take any more of your guy's time, but thanks again for your site and opening up my wife.
Keep up the good work!

Subject: Hello
Anna, I have been a member of your site for about 10 months now. I have to tell you, you really give your members their money's worth. I have been a member of a couple of other sites, and I was very dissappointed, but not with yours. My compliments. I consider myself to be a very good writer, and I would love to write a story about you (God knows I've had enough fantasies) but when I look at your pictures, I just can't seem to find the right words. You are without a doubt one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, with or without clothing. I love your hair (not that I haven't noticed all the rest of you, just the hair got me first). You are absolutely a knockout. How do you impress a goddess? I'm a fraid I would come off sounding corny, and I just get the feeling you are so much above that. I have never been able to catch the webcam. I'm always working, but I love the pictures and the vids, and I hope to see a lot more. I'm enclosing a couple of pictures just so you can see who you're talking to. It would be great to meet you guys! Keep up the good work. From a loyal fan and website member.


Subject: you guys are awesome!
Anna n Bruce, You two are my idols! Well, sorta anyway.:) I am a member of your website and I marvel at the material you guys display on your website! The one thing I like most about your website is that you guys seem so real. You guys seem to genuinely enjoy yourselves in the pics and vids. That makes it a great 'product' for your subscribers. For Anna, you are a very attractive woman who any guy would love to be with, let alone be intimate with. I think your finest quality is your hair. With your breasts being a close second. For Bruce, you are The Man! How fortunate you are to be with Anna. When I grow up (not very likely), I want to be you! Thank you for living every mans dream and sharing them with us on the web.
I would just like to say to both of you, please keep up the outstanding work and I hope to meet you guys sometime.

Take care, Russ